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2022- the year for sustainable promises

New Year is around the corner, and so is the new year: 2022. Maybe you had a New Year's promise for 2021 that you achieved, maybe it had to do with the environment and sustainability?

No matter what, we want to encourage them to move towards an even more sustainable world. To inspire more to this, we will highlight some of the positive milestones that we together with you achieved in 2021.

During this year a lot has happened, and we thought we would give a little look back before we move on and look forward to the new year. 

So what really happened in 2021? Well, at the beginning of the year, everything started for real. The web shop opened in January with the goal of reducing plastic waste and the use of toxic ingredients in the cleaning industry. A few months later, the office was moved from Lund to Malmö and only shortly afterwards we were presented among the 6 best young ventures in Sweden by Företagarna. 

Skosh products at Åhléns in Stockholm City


The summer came quickly afterwards with new projects underway. We were on site at Åhléns in Stockholm City and had a pop-up shop where we got to meet many of you, which was very rewarding and nice. We also launched Skosh at Foodora Market during the summer and entered into a partnership with the Eden Reforestation Project where we plant a tree for each order.

In the autumn we launched our dishwasher tablets, our probiotic cleaning and later in the winter we also launched our detergent together with our new subscription service. Another fun thing that happened during the autumn was that our products also became part of the range in an ICA store. 

In addition to this, we also participated in slightly different fairs but also collaborated with slightly different companies that have the same values ​​as us. At the end of the year, we collaborated with both Glossybox and HAPPY SiNKS. It has really been an eventful and fun year!  

Happy Sinks products in collaboration with Skosh

We are so happy to have made this journey together with you and look forward to entering 2022 with new visions and goals. In 2021, we managed to plant around 7000 trees (!!) together and we saved more than 10 tons of plastic waste *! Together with you, we have also made sure that 100 pounds of plastic has been removed from the oceans. Of course, we aim to exceed these figures next year and do even more for the environment together, and we hope you are with us! 

We look forward to 2022, a year perfect to start with new, sustainable habits.

We are particularly pleased that we have developed a subscription model that makes it easy for one to be sustainable and at the same time have their sustainable cleaning products at home. It should not be more difficult than a click away to get home what you need for the sustainable cleaning in your home. You can find our subscription service here.

Let's step into 2022 with new visions of a more sustainable existence, for us and the environment. Are you with us? 

Skosh products for a subscription

* Based on 80g plastic waste per tablet

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