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Environmentally Friendly Home Cleaning Tips (English)

When you are in the store and are going to buy detergent, you always try to choose the most effective, but there is so much more you should know about the different steps of cleaning and cleaning. In this blog post, we share some of our favorite tips on how to clean different surfaces effectively.

The first thing to consider, no matter what type of surface you are going to clean, is what kind of cloth to use to wipe the surface. The cloth you are going to use should be completely dry and also free of lint. A microfiber cloth works great for this. When it's time to wash the cloth itself, do not use fabric softener as it will easily leave streaks.

When washing glass surfaces, such as mirrors, shower doors or windows, you can combine the use of cloth and window scraper. If you are planning a deep cleaning, then start by spraying with window cleaner and then use the window scraper to "scrape off" the liquid and then the cloth to dry dry after each round with the scraper over the glass. Work from the top of the surface and all the way down to the bottom. A dry window scraper avoids dripping and keeps streaks away. Alcohol in cleaning agents helps the liquid to evaporate when the agent is applied to a surface, which often means that you do not have to wipe off an extra time with a dry cloth. Tablet cleaners can not contain alcohol, which is why it is important to remember to wipe off an extra time with a dry cloth when cleaning windows and other glass surfaces with Skosh environmentally friendly Glass Plaster.

Cleaning the bathroom

If you want to clean different areas of your bathroom, moisten a microfiber cloth with detergent (such as Skosh Bathroom Cleaner) or spray directly on the bathroom counter, faucet or sink. Then wipe the detergent off the surface. Aim to wipe the already clean surfaces first and leave the dirtiest parts last. This will make it easier because you do not have to clean your cloth as often, while it will help you save both water and time.

When it comes to cleaning dining tables, chairs and other types of furniture, you should start by wiping the surfaces with a damp microfiber cloth to remove dust and grease. If your furniture is made of wood, do not forget to wipe it off again but with a dry cloth as the water from the damp cloth can otherwise leave stains in the wood.

Skosh cleaning products contain only ECO-CERT (eco-labeled) ingredients. These do not harm the environment or health, ie they are both environmentally friendly and sustainable in the long run. Skosh bottles are made of 100% recyclable plastic and the packaging is made of biodegradable paper. You do not need to use aggressive ingredients to clean different surfaces, with Skosh cleaning tablets you can easily make your own environmentally friendly cleaning agent at home. How? It's easy as pie!

Start by choosing which of the Skosh cleansing tablets to use depending on the area to be cleansed. Then fill up your reusable Skosh bottle with hot tap water. The next step is to drop the Skosh tablet into the bottle. It will start to roar and you will see it dissolve! Wait until the tablet has completely dissolved, the dissolution time varies and can take up to 10-20 minutes. After the tablet has dissolved, you have your environmentally friendly cleaning agent ready, and it is then time to screw on the spray nozzle on the bottle. Now you are ready to clean, and this time without unnecessary plastic waste and completely non-toxic!

Skosh offers 3 cleaning tablets for different surfaces:

Skosh environmentally friendly Allrengöring is developed to clean different surfaces and remove different types of dirt. The all-purpose cleaner has a high pH value, which means easier dissolution of stubborn grease and dirt, and a natural scent of lavender.

Skosh eco-friendly bathroom cleaning is offered for efficient bathroom cleaning. This tablet is designed for the best possible cleaning of bathroom sinks, bathroom faucets and other bathroom surfaces such as bathroom counters. This tablet contains extra limestone and adjusted (lower) pH value to make it more effective to remove dirt in the bathroom. Skosh bathroom cleaner has a lovely scent of African lemongrass.

Last but not least, Skosh eco-friendly Glasputs. This tablet differs from the other tablets in that it contains special ingredients that do not leave streaks or stains on surfaces, perfect glass cleaning. The glass plaster has a floral scent of lily of the valley.

Skosh cleaning tablets do not contain aggressive or toxic ingredients that can be harmful to your health or ruin the quality of various furniture in your home. Skosh cares for a healthy, sustainable and environmentally friendly cleaning!


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