Green plants in the home

More green in our homes in 2022!

Creating a sustainable habit can sound more difficult than it actually needs to be. That's why we want to share some tips that are easy to implement in your daily life. 

A habit that is almost always mentioned when it comes to sustainable habits is to take more walks. By leaving the car standing and instead taking a walk to the store, friend or job, you can effectively reduce your ecological footprint. It is also sustainable in two senses - both for the environment but also for your health. Check off two potential New Year's promises in one simple! 

Get a greener home! Literally. Plants are not only a delight to the eye, they also have a good proven effect on the air quality in your home. Research has shown that indoor plants can remove common toxins and pollutants that occur indoors. In other words, a durable air purifier that not only gives you an aesthetically pleasing home but also a cleaner. Some plants that are extra good at cleaning your air are aloe vera and mother-in-law tongue. Here you will find a longer list of plants that are good options if you want to bring more green into your home! 

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To sit down and reflect on their consumption may sound like a boring chore, we know. But reviewing one's consumption patterns makes it easier to get an overview of where change can take place. Research shows how our buying behavior creates enormous consequences not only for humans, but also the environment. In recent years, greenhouse gas emissions have decreased in Sweden, but the fact is that the emissions that are linked to Swedish consumption of, for example, food, clothing, furniture and electronics have increased significantly. 

Something that goes hand in hand with this is that reduce plastic in our everyday lives. This is not something new in itself, we have long known that plastic is a huge burden on the environment because it can not be broken down in nature. It probably comes as no great surprise that reducing disposable plastic is our biggest passion here at Skosh. Fortunately, alternatives to disposable plastic packaging are growing every day and it is becoming easier and easier to find sustainable alternatives. Despite this, disposable plastic is still a large part of many of the goods on home purchase and we want to emphasize the importance of recycling your plastic. Also, make sure to double check so there are no toxic chemicals in the plastic before it recycled

Small or large, we can all contribute something. 

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