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Tips on durable Christmas gifts

There is nothing better than sustainable, environmentally conscious Christmas presents, right? Or why not Christmas presents that you know the other person really needs, but that do not have to cost a fortune? 

Then Christmas presents found in a second-hand shop are something to be preferred - both for the planet but also for the wallet! In addition to the packages themselves, there are also ingenious solutions when it comes to wrapping packages, which do not require new resources. 

Did you know, for example, that you can use fabric as wrapping instead of gift wrap? Or why not reuse the paper that has already been produced, in the form of old newspapers or even old gift wrap from last Christmas or the last party. There is no need to buy new paper as there are already a lot of other ingenious solutions for wrapping. 

Durable Christmas presents

And the current string then? It is best to use a string that is not made of plastic, but rather is made of threads or fabric. It both looks nice and they stay nice for a long time, and do not fold as the plastic strings can do. It also creates a different type of feeling by using the fabric cords or thread cords, and these are also easy to find second hand in all different shapes and patterns. 

Regarding the Christmas presents then? In honor of the year, the Climate Club and Conscious Consumption have nominated the Conscious Christmas Gift of the Year for 2021 *, which is "the pre-loved gift". It's about everything already out there and already being produced: clothes, books, jewelry, furnishings, accessories and toys, and more. We do not need to consume new when there is already so much out there that does not take unnecessary resources from the earth. So what better way than a few tips on durable Christmas gifts that go under just that title: pre-loved gifts. 

Christmas gifts, sustainable Christmas gifts, sustainable Christmas gifts, Skosh

It is easy to find nice interior details, for example via second hand that you can give away as a Christmas present. If you do not want to give anything as a Christmas present as the person in question may already have everything or want to keep it minimalist, it works great to buy everything needed around a taste experience. Maybe you can buy a basket and cutlery second hand and then buy something from what the person in question likes. Tea? Environmentally friendly sweets? Or why not buy a beautiful mug from a second hand store and make a perfect winter kit out of it? Hot chocolate? Tea? Coffee? It is super easy to find the perfect Christmas gifts in a thrift store instead of buying new. In addition, it feels like a more personal gift when you have chosen something with thought, which not many others have in their home. 

And if you do not want to give away a taste experience as a Christmas present, you can instead think about what the person in question likes to do in their spare time. Knit? Crochet? Plant? Paint? Crafts? Maybe you can find a basket to make the perfect craft kit for your friend. This is something we think can be greatly appreciated, especially to have to deal with during the Christmas holidays. 

We hope you now have some inspiration for the Christmas gift shopping. And for the friend who loves durability and environmentally friendly cleaning, we have the perfect Christmas present: our all-in-one package that already comes in a box, perfect to wrap or give away exactly as it is. You will find this here.

Skosh's products in Christmas format

* "Conscious Christmas Gift of the Year" came to 2019 as an alternative to the gift that the Trade Research Institute HUI appoints based on the consumption trends that exist every year.

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