Building a Company: # 1 Meet the Team

Hey there! Seems like you have found our brand new blog section - exciting !!! Here we will post a blog every second week to update you on our battle against plastic waste. You will read about challenges, failures as well as successes that we experience throughout this entrepreneurial journey. The blog will also provide you with useful tips and tricks to reduce your ecological footprint as well as reducing your plastic consumption! But first - let us tell you something about ourselves.

The team.

The Skosh Team
Simon, Max, and Tom are the Co-Founders of Skosh

This is us. We, Simon (left), Max (middle), and Tom (right) met during our Master's programs at Lund University in the South of Sweden. Together, we founded Skosh with the goal to make cleaning sustainable. Simon and Tom are from Germany and Max is from the Netherlands. During our time in Sweden, we became close friends and enjoyed learning about Swedish culture. As time passed we realized more and more that we all share the same interest in entrepreneurship, being self-employed and also share the same goal to found a company that has a positive impact on our planet. It was basically a no-brainer to found a company together not only because we knew each other as friends and shared the same vision but also due to our diverse skillset. Simon has a background with Marketing, Media, and Sales while Max is an expert in product design. Tom is taking over the accounting part due to his background in finance.

The early stages.

Winners of Lund Innovation Challenge

It all started in November 2019 when we signed up to Lund's biggest Innovation Challenge with the goal of finding an idea to reduce global plastic waste and plastic consumption. Over the course of the challenge, we quickly realized that the cleaning industry is one of the biggest contributions to global plastic waste. This is mainly due to the one-time-use bottles which are thrown away once they are empty. We thought that there should be a better solution and that's how we came up with Skosh (originally Soapletts but we quickly changed the name after the challenge). Like you can see in the picture on the left, we actually ended up winning the competition. The prize was a place in the local incubator of the university which provided us with office space as well as our great business developer Tillie (Shoutout!: D). The next months were dominated by balancing the workload of the master program with the tasks of our entrepreneurial project Skosh. Even though it was a lot of work we managed to reach important milestones, iterated the designs, established important partnerships, created a company webpage, and created social media profiles. We also created pitch-decks, business-plans, and talked to a lot of customers. Basically, the first months of this project were just dominated by a lot of pitching and trying to convince different partners to support us. Eventually, we managed to establish partnerships with different innovation centers that supported us financially with the development of our tablets. Now that we graduated from University, we are finally able to work on this project full-time which is really reliving. It was always itching in our fingers when writing on our master thesis or other student assignments because working on this idea was always way more interesting. So now we are proud to say that we are full-time entrepreneurs.

The next steps.

First sample of the Skosh products

We are currently working hard to assemble the first prototype starter kits. Our next goal is to send out those prototypes to you to receive direct feedback from our customers. We want to make the product as good as it can be, but we can only achieve this with your help. So if you are interested in receiving our first prototype starter kit for free then let us know! You can contact us via email, social media, or by signing up to pre-test on our homepage.

We hope that you will join us in our battle against plastic waste. If you have any questions please reach out to us. We are always keen to help and interact with you :) See you soon !!

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