Building a Company - # 3 Update

"If everything seems under control, you're not going fast enough."

  • Maio Andretti

Have you ever felt like days are passing by so fast that you lose track of your life and can not keep up with what's happening around? Yes, we feel you!

There've been lots of things happening in our small startup world lately. We shipped our test tablets, got feedback from people, had a short trip to Copenhagen, launched our online shop, were selected among the 8 most sustainable startups in the world and the last couple of months were full of roller-coaster emotions. At Skosh, we love keeping in touch with people, and being transparent to our customers is one of our core values. Long story short, we felt like it's time to update you on some recent news. 

So, what's been going on at Skosh lately?

We finally send out all the test tablets to our first customers! 

Skosh sending out test tablets to 250 recipients

Although we had several other big milestones in our startup, having prototypes and receiving feedback was probably the most important and exciting milestone so far!

We put them in envelopes in our small office, sealed them, and delivered them into your mailbox. We even got a chance to engage in a friendly conversation with some of you who responded to our IG story. We agreed that this is one of the best parts of startup life - being able to talk to our customers one by one and be involved in every step of the production and sales process. 

Skosh postcard to early stage testers

A day-long (or two-day-long? Correct me) workshop for entrepreneurs by Nordic Entrepreneurship Hubs was another highlight for us. A well-organized event was held in Copenhagen and full of useful and practical workshops about gender diversity, social and emotional values, SDGs and their role in startups, and so on. Meeting with a bunch of young, talented, and inspirational people motivated us even more to try our best and implement the knowledge we gained from the workshop. Thank you Nordic Entrepreneurship Hubs for organizing this wonderful event and Venture Lab for inviting us to be part of this experience! For a young startup like Skosh, it's always crucial to stay updated on things going on in the startup world and constantly improve ourselves to adjust to new market demands while making our contribution.

Team Skosh with business developers at a workshop in Denmark

When it comes to comments we received on our test tablets, we were truly amazed by how many people were eager to show their support and help us improve. Co-founder of LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman once said that "If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you've launched too late." Although we were quite happy with our test tablets, we took into consideration and assessed every single positive and negative comment we got from our customers. When we started this journey, we aimed to change the future of cleaning by offering more eco-friendly cleaning solutions to people. To reach this goal, the biggest support we can get is from you, conscious customers. Now, we started contacting some of you to have a virtual Fika and talk even more about your experiences. That's why, if you have anything to talk about or any questions, feel free to contact us! We're more than happy to have a chat with our customers!

Since the first day, sustainability has been one of the core values ​​of Skosh. We did not simply want to produce cleaning solutions, we aimed higher. The plan has always been to get rid of plastic waste in the cleaning industry and contribute to the sustainable future. Every single achievement that shows us we're on the right track pushes us even harder and helps us to think about a sustainable future in each step we take. We're happy to share with you that recently, we participated in the Climate Launchpad startup competition and have been selected among one of the most sustainable startups in the world.

Skosh is among the top start-ups worldwide when it comes to a positive climate impact

On top of these, we launched our online shop! Now you can order Skosh cleaning tablets without leaving your house, it's literally one click away! One of the most common feedback we received was about the difficulty of finding the right bottle for tablets and differentiating different cleaning liquids. We're happy to inform you that soon, you'll also be able to order the Skosh bottles for each cleaning tablet. Like our tablets and tablet packaging, the reusable bottles will also be made from recycled plastic. If you're curious about the materials and ingredients we use to make these happen, check the sustainability facts page on our website. And as always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Team skosh sitting in front of Lund University in Sweden

Everything for a sustainable future!

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