Building a company - # 4 Update

"When you make a choice, you change the future."

- Deepak Chopra

With the sustainable future in our minds, we're growing and evolving. Fortunately, life is never stagnant when you're growing. Lots of things happened since our last company update in January and we're here to share all of them with you. Because we love giving you sneak-peak to what's going on at Skosh :)


Cleaning effect Skosh


We officially started selling our sustainable cleaning tablets and bottles in January! That was one of the most important milestones since the day we started and we were proud to see Skosh is growing its impact. We received an incredibly positive reaction from the eco-conscious community, from like-minded people who care about the environment and believe in a sustainable future. To see the demand for the products was both thrilling and satisfying. Bringing value to people's everyday life and contributing to the environment was what we aimed for since the beginning. We're proud to say that your demand for the products and positive reaction showed us that we started achieving that goal. 

As mentioned before, we received lots of comments and messages from our customers since January. We make sure to read every single email, comment and message. Not only reading, but we also take into consideration your concerns and feedback, whenever it's possible. So, feel free to share your view on Skosh tablets with us. Email us at, reach us in our social media channels, or simply give us a call at +46 76 97 30 459. We're always happy to talk to our customers :)

Ordering Skosh products online on our website is the most convenient way to purchase them. But if you're not a fan of online shopping, we have some good news for you; We also started selling at some selected retail stores that share our vision. Just stop by your local store that focuses on sustainability and you might be able to find our products there! If not, just drop us an email at So, whatever way you choose, make sure you get your eco-friendly cleaning products soon and let us know what you think! 



The majority of requests we received was about whether Skosh will be offering other sustainable products in the future or will be limited with 3 cleaning tablets. The answer is of course yes! We started with cleaning liquids in our minds, since there was a demand for sustainable options. Also, plastic packaging and toxic emissions is still a pretty big problem in the cleaning industry. Every year, tons of plastic waste produced due to the traditional cleaning liquids. Since traditional cleaning liquids mainly consist of water, their transport also produced lots of unnecessary CO2 emissions. So, we saw the problem and opportunity and dedicated ourselves to be a part of the solution. That being said, plenty of positive comments and interest from our customers convinced us that there's more to do. Producing eco-friendly detergents, shampoos and other products are among our long-term goals now. 

Another great news is that we now have sold over 10.000 tablets since January and as a result, you helped us plant more than 700 trees! That's another important step for us because it means we successfully saved 10.000 one-time-use plastic bottles by offering eco-friendly alternatives to our customers. Although we take pride in it, this is only the beginning for a sustainable community and Skosh. We constantly keep in touch with our customers, work on our products and strive to create the best, most convenient eco-friendly cleaning products. Lots of things changed since we created Skosh, but our core values ​​and goal stay the same - to innovate the cleaning industry with eco-friendly cleaning products and contribute to a sustainable future. 

We also created a subscription service for our customers who order the cleaning tabs on our website. The point of the subscription service is to make the shopping process more convenient for you. By using our subscription service you can save 20% and receive cleaning supplies regularly without having to order them every time. All you need to do is select the subscription option on our website when purchasing the refill tablet and that's it. You'll receive the cleaning tabs on a regular basis, depending on how often you want to receive them and you'll save 20%! Affordable, convenient, and time-efficient! And of course, you can cancel whenever you wish.

That's pretty much it for this company update. Hope you enjoyed reading as much as we enjoyed writing it. Stay tuned, keep in touch and take care till the next blogpost!

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