European Statistics Day - positive environmental statistics

October 20 is called the statistical day, and not only in Sweden but throughout Europe.

And what better way than a little statistic to honor the day? 

The statistical day is celebrated on different dates depending on where in the world you live. The static day that is celebrated globally is celebrated every five years always falls on October 20th. The years that this day has been celebrated globally have been 2010, 2015, 2020 and the next time it is celebrated is 2025. Below we have posted some interesting facts and statistics about our environment: 

Since the tax on plastic bags came into force, the use of these has decreased, which is clear from the statistics. In 2019, the average per person was 74 plastic bags, while this figure in 2020 was instead 55 per person. So it's going in the right direction! 

And finally, of course, we have some statistics from us at Skosh! 

Plastic waste saved by Skosh

Last month it was planted 1500 trees, which is absolutely incredible! This was possible thanks to the fantastic work we do together. 

And how many plastic bottles have we reduced in the world by replacing the old products with Skosh then? Well, as many as 80 bottles, which corresponds to about 6.5 tons! Think what a difference we can make together, in the journey towards reduced plastic waste!

we plant a tree with each order

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