Get a shiny clean bathroom with good toilet cleaning

Like everything else in your home, it is important that the toilet is clean and fresh. Perhaps especially this part of the home, as bacteria easily accumulate here and the surface is used by more than just one person if there are many in the household or have friends and family left over. We will list some tips here on how to get a shiny bathroom just in time for Christmas! 

We have a bathroom cleaner and one glass and mirror cleaners which both work perfectly to use in the bathroom. As it sounds, the latter means works perfectly for the mirrors in the bathroom but also on the glass doors to the shower, if you have any. The bathroom cleaner is great as a toilet cleaner, but also for the worktop, faucet and sink. Spray the product in the sink and then let it soak for a few minutes, before scrubbing with a sponge to remove soap and toothpaste residue. Then take a completely clean cloth to make the faucet shiny clean afterwards. 

For toilet cleaning, it is excellent to use Skoshs bathroom cleaning. Here it is also important to have a completely new cloth as a lot of bacteria collects from the cleaning of the toilet, so the cloth used here should only be used here and nowhere else. Something that is easy to miss is the flush button, where there are a lot of bacteria. The same applies under the toilet seat but also at the back where the hinges are located. Do not forget these parts, but let them become a natural part of the routine. Spray with the bathroom remedy in the toilet and then let it work for a few minutes before using a brush to clean the last one, before finally rinsing to get rid of the agent. 

Skosh products in a bathroom

To make the bathroom look even nicer after your cleaning and toilet cleaning, a tip is to sort everything that you otherwise do not have the time or energy to sort, for example in the vanity unit and in the shower. There are probably some bottles in the shower that you do not use at every shower (if ever) that you can put in another place to get more space and get it more structured. Also clean out empty bottles that only take up unnecessary space in your shower, and keep in mind that you can reduce plastic waste by buying larger packages of, for example, soap and shampoo. 

A tip to get it more structured in the vanity is to have everything in baskets or drawers. Easy to sort and easy to find when you need something! In addition, it looks nice once you open the cabinet. If you do not want to buy new, it is good to use cartons that you get with products you have bought, and these are also super easy to make nice with paint or paper. 

Skosh's bathroom cleaning in a bathroom


Another tip to make it look a little nicer after cleaning is to get some green in the bathroom. Wardrobe flowers are great to have in the bathroom as they do not need as much sunlight as other flowers. 

As a final point, we still want to point out that a really good bathroom and toilet cleaner is a and o. You will find our bathroom remedy here, and you will find our glass and mirror cleaning here

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