How to get shiny, clean windows with a good window cleaner

Who does not love clean windows that you can see straight through, without a film of dirt? We believe that everyone loves this feeling, and therefore today we will guide you through the best tips for your window cleaning.

To begin with, it is important to clean the windows so that you do not later pull around the dirt on the glass surface. An easy way to get rid of dirt that lies around the windows is to vacuum away soil and dust that is stuck to window screens or window sills. What you then need for the optimal window cleaning session are the following: 

Window cleaning

When it comes to drying after cleaning the windows, it is important to use a lint-free cloth, so that lint does not stick to the windows as you have just cleaned. We recommend a microfiber cloth. After you have ensured this, just start cleaning your windows! 

  1. Spray over the entire window with Skosh's glass and mirror cleaner and make sure that the agent covers the entire surface. To ensure that the agent reaches over the entire surface, you can use a slightly damp cloth which you then pull over the entire window after you have sprayed the agent over the surface.

  2. Be sure to wipe the window scraper after each use, otherwise there is a risk that the dirt will be pulled around and make the windows striped. 
Window cleaning

Skosh's glass and mirror cleaner which is also perfect for window cleaning has a neutral pH value (5) which is perfect for windows and mirrors. This means that the agent works just as well for the windows as for the mirrors in your home. Maybe you have more mirrors than the one in the bathroom, and then it is perfect to go over all these surfaces during a cleaning day where the same means can be used. Just keep in mind that our products do not contain any alcohol when we think about the environment, which means that you need to help a little extra with the drying process. It is enough that you dry a little extra with a microfiber cloth after you have sprayed with the agent on your desired surface.  

You order Skosh's glass and mirror cleaner here and after that you are completely ready for your window cleaning! It feels extra important with clean windows to be able to look proper, no matter what time of year it is. 

Window cleaning
The question is how often you should clean mirrors and windows in your home then? We would recommend that you clean the mirrors in your home at least once a week, especially the one in the bathroom as it often gets toothpaste splashes on it or something else. If you have guests over, it can also feel nice with a clean mirror, regardless of whether it is the bathroom or the hall. The windows, on the other hand, do not need to be cleaned more often than twice a year.

Window cleaning does not have to be more complicated than that. Twice a year is enough, and then you get shiny clean windows with a good window cleaner. We wish Skosh a pleasant cleaning!

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