Yes it is true! 

HAPPY SiNKS and Skosh have a collaboration where we are now releasing 3 different durable dishcloths. In addition to this, it is also possible to buy HAPPY SiNKS dishcloth holders made of 2 different materials - stainless steel and biocomposite.

We have this collaboration as we have the common goal that the future of sustainable cleaning is recycling. Our products encourage the reuse of cleaning bottles and HAPPY SiNKS ensures that the life of dishcloths is extended in a completely waste-free way. This is the reason why we are now doing this collaboration, which we are very happy to do. 

HAPPY SiNK's products focus on sustainability in the household. Their products are perfect for cleaning and organizing at home. They also reduce the spread of bacteria in the kitchen with the help of their smart solutions for the home.  

Take part in the smart solutions for your household from our collaboration today: click here

Skosh x Happysinks


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