Black Week belongs to the past - Green Week is the present!

The attractive Black Friday offers are irresistible for many, which leads to people shopping on impulse, which in the end often means that you do not use the products at all. As a result, the unnecessary carbon dioxide emissions that could have been avoided are created. 

We at Skosh will during this week plant a tree for every order we receive together with Eden Reforestation Projects, but in addition to this, we will also, for each order, clean up about 0.5kg of rubbish from our seas. This will be possible through #Teamseas which runs the campaign to clean up the oceans from plastic and other debris that drifts around. We want to do something good for the environment this week and hope that you want to be with us on the journey. Let's change Black Week to Green Week and thus also make a difference for our planet - together! 

2015 tog Green Friday form for the first time, which today is a movement that encourages people to act more meaningfully and sustainably. In short, it is about thinking once more before buying something, and above all thinking about whether you need the thing in question or if it is just something you impulsively want at the moment. This Green Friday- movement also motivates people to spend time with loved ones in nature. 

They do not want to stop people from shopping, but only emphasize the importance of shopping sustainably and consciously during this day. A tip before you actually go out and shop or sit in front of the computer to shop, is that you have already before this made a list of the things you really need. If you follow this list to the letter, it is possible to avoid impulse trading and then we do both ourselves but above all the planet a favor. 

Circular Monday has also become a well-known concept that actually started in Malmö, where we also have our headquarters. This initiative started under the name White Monday 2017. The purpose of this day is to highlight the benefits of circular consumption, which means you can consume as much as you want but this may not require new resources from the earth. The key words during this day are rent, repair and buy used. In 2019, more than 30 countries participated and it was even now that the movement became international. Second-hand stores throughout Sweden stay open extra long during this day and lower the prices of their goods. This circular Monday always falls on the Monday before Black Friday.

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