Why sustainable cleaning solutions are important

Acting more sustainably is about more than just recycling something here and there - it's a lifestyle choice! However, it is not about slamming yourself if you do not recycle every single item, but rather about changing attitudes and mentality regarding what you can do to help save the planet! It's about considering how each choice you make can affect the world around you. And given the influx of hurricanes, earthquakes and other global natural disasters, it is more important than ever to make the transition to a more environmentally friendly life. To make the choices a little easier, we gathered some reasons why sustainable cleaning solutions are important.

It's better for the planet

Living more sustainably is a healthier option not only for our planet but also for your family. Not only will you sleep better at night because you know you are doing your part to limit the amount of harmful chemicals released into our atmosphere - you will also contribute to a healthier home environment. Talk about a win-win situation! 

Conventional cleaners are harmful to the environment in several ways. For example, the air is polluted by vapors emitted when using commercial cleaning products by evaporation. When switching to durable cleaning products, do not inhale harmful chemicals, which can cause health problems for humans and even animals when inhaled. When these toxic chemicals are mixed with water, the water is polluted and endangers the lives of humans and organisms. Environmentally friendly products are safe for the environment because they contain natural ingredients that are neither harmful to us nor our planet.

Sustainable cleaning is cheaper

Making your own cleaning products is easy, environmentally friendly and kind for your wallet - especially compared to traditional cleaning products! Detergents such as baking soda and vinegar are the two most popular options. Also consider using lemon, olive oil and citric acid, all of which can fix the cleaning as well as typical cleaning products, but at half the cost! Do not have time to make your own cleaning fluids? No problem! You can simply buy our environmentally friendly cleaning tablets online! Because our product is compressed into a tablet, they are also space-efficient - ie they do not take up as much space as traditional cleaning fluids. This means that you have less cramped space in your cupboard and the ability to store more tablets at the same time!

Durable cleaning fluids are the safer option for your health

TTraditional cleansers have detrimental effects on both your own and your family's health. They contain most of the toxic ingredients that when inhaled can cause problems such as depression and headaches to irritation in the lungs.

Furthermore, 78% of cleaning companies use toxic ingredients in their cleaning solutions that destroy the air in your household. Surprisingly, the air in households can be 500 percent more toxic than the air outside. This is why some people may experience headaches or allergies after cleaning.

No strong chemical odors

No one appreciates when the home smells bad of bleach or ammonia, right? Of course not! Skip the strong chemical stench that comes with most traditional cleaning products and become durable instead. Whether you make your own cleaning products or buy environmentally friendly ones, the smell of these products tends to be much nicer.

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