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Color detergent (2 pack)

Color detergent (2 pack)

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Life is colorful, let it stay so with colored detergents that take care of your clothes and our planet.


✓ Zeolites (15-30%)
✓ Non-ionic surfactants (5-15%)
✓ Soap, Enzymes (<5%)
✓ (Subtilisin, Amylase, Pectate lyase, Mannanase, Cellulase, Lipase)

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Warning: Cause severe skin irritation. May cause serious eye damage. Keep out of reach of children. Do not swallow. Read the label before use. In case of eye contact: Rinse carefully with water for a few minutes. Remove any contact lenses if possible. Rinse further. In case of exposure: Call a poison control center or doctor immediately.


✓ 2 x 750 g Color detergent 

2 x 750 g = 44 washes


Wash with ingredients from nature, for nature:

1. Fill (with emphasis on fill!!) your washing machine
2. Follow the dosing recommendations that you will find on the back of your detergent
3. Enjoy clean clothes!

PS: Overdose ≠ Cleaner clothes


Clean clothes ≠ "unclean" sea

For us, it goes without saying that clean clothes should not result in "unclean" seas. It shouldn't be more difficult than that. 

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  • Concentrated formula

  • No perfume or dyes

  • Microplastic free

  • Gentle ingredients

WTF – Flush the plastic?

We're all on board with flushing the milk and potentially the crotch (some on the team more than others). But the fact that we still wash microplastics into our oceans every time we start our washing machine is something we cannot stand behind.

Detergent without the fluff, the way we like it. 

Purely the best at what we do.