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Soap dish

Soap dish

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Soap dish made of olive wood for your set of bars. As a nice, slightly harder bed for your bars to rest and dry on between uses. Bonus: Stylish detail in your bathroom!

Important: The bar in the picture is not included with this product. These can be purchased separately. 


H: 2 cm, L: 11 cm, W: 7 cm.
Made from 100% olive wood. 


✓ Allow your bar to dry between uses, this extends its life.
✓ Also works as a nice storage for hand soap
✓ Practical air holes that help drying 

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WTF – Olive wood?

Olive tree which is not only an incredibly beautiful material but also a good sustainable choice. The main purpose of the olive tree is to produce olives, as the name might reveal. The tree is only used for production when olives can no longer be harvested, which takes hundreds of years.

In other words, a by-product of the harvesting of olives

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